random(1,#tPokemon)] --picks a random entry in the table --commandblock spawning code here end Just remember to fill the table with whatever the commandblock uses to spawn said pokemon, making it easier to fill that into it's command parameters. This is no resource pack offering a facelift and standard Minecraft besides – this is like a whole new game. If you wish to suggest or discuss a change in the tier list, you may contact one of the representatives for your server and speak to them. Hello fellow Rare Bounty Hunters! This thread is dedicated in the seeking of rare spawned creatures across the lands of Telara. Using Masterballs are a good way of catching them, due to the fact they are. com people 170 of 999 players. In this episo. I would recommend visiting the Pixelmon Shop for ranks, pokemon and more. For 2 pixelmon to breed, they must first love eachother. You can then use the right stones to combine it to make the specific orb for the bird. For example, to open gym1, the gym leader would need the permissions pixelgym. No more searching through jungle leaves, or diving to the bottom of oceans to catch that one legendary or shiny. gym1 to open gym1. In this episode I show you how to find, use, and activate the Legendary Bird Shrines, as well as how to get and use the orbs required to activate them!. /dittofusion